Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Wright Way provides carpet cleaning services as well as cleaning of drapes, upholstery, blinds and area rugs.

To keep your carpet in good condition, deep carpet cleaning is required at least once a year. If you have pets and/or children, you may want to clean your carpet more often. There are several methods that people have tried to clean their carpet which are listed below. Click on the method to learn things to watch for when choosing to clean your carpet in this manner.

  1. With an aerosol spray foam cleaner from the supermarket,
  2. A home carpet shampooer,
  3. A hot water cleaning machine you rent at the supermarkets,
  4. And professional carpet cleaners.

Before any of these carpet cleaning processes, blot up fresh and older stains with methods provided on the Cleaning Tips page. It is important to vacuum thoroughly. By thoroughly, you should go over the same spot at least 2-3 times with the vacuum. Before starting the carpet cleaning task, it is best to take all of the furniture out of the room, if possible. If not, you could move furniture to one side, shampoo that section and let dry 24 hours. Then move the furniture to the other side and repeat the process. Make sure to put aluminum foil under the legs of the furniture to ensure that no color bleeding or rust will take place.

If your carpet is not overly soiled, you could try using a spray foam (or our Home Pro Spotter). Before using, you may want to check for color-fastness. You do this by spraying a small piece of carpet with the cleaner. Leave for awhile, and then rub with a white towel. The longer you leave it, the better the test. If there is no color bleed through on the towel, go ahead and shampoo the whole carpet. Follow directions on the can. Usually the process involves spraying the foam evenly over the carpet; allow it to dry to a powder, then vacuum.

If you choose to rent shampooers and hot water machines you can do so at the supermarket. They are appropriate for carpets that are not heavily soiled. With most home shampooers, you fill a reservoir with water and carpet shampoo. You should also do the color-fast test with this shampoo. You move the shampooer across the carpet as you do with a vacuum, but you also use a sprayer button to spray the cleaning solution onto the carpet. Next, go over the shampooed area without spraying to rinse. Some machines may have suction to absorb the water from the carpet and some do not. When home shampooing, be sure not to over wet the carpet or it could soak through to the backing and possibly even the floor below.

The most effective method for cleaning carpets is to have them professionally cleaned. Cleaning your carpet is an important process. To ensure the quality of your carpet always hire a professional carpet cleaner. A clean carpet makes the whole room appear cleaner. It is also important if you want to sell your home. A clean carpet smells fresh and feels softer. What better reason could there be? Wright Way Cleaning & Restoration is an independent firm which provides carpet cleaning services in Sno-King County, Seattle, Eastside and Bellevue.


Wright Way Cleaning & Restoration is now offering two new carpet cleaning tools for our customers to insure the proper cleaning method for your carpets: the RotoVac cleaning system and the DriMaster Jetless Rotary Cleaning Technique! A wand cleaner is a great, economical cleaning tool for the carpet with average soil build up and is recommended by Wright Way Cleaning & Restoration to most of its customers. However when a carpet is extremely dirty Wright Way Cleaning & Restoration recommends cleaning the soil out with the RotoVac. And for customers, such as businesses or restaurants who need carpets to be dry in a short period of time, the DriMaster Jetless Rotary Cleaning Technique is the carpet cleaning tool for the job.

While a wand cleans in a two directional movement, the RotoVac cleans your carpet from all directions with 1500 mechanized cleaning passes per minute! With its patented process your carpets will look, feel and stay cleaner longer! For the homeowner with exceptionally soiled carpets or the truly discriminating customer who only wants the best the RotoVac is for you.
Professional Rug and Carpet cleaners from A Rose 4U


At Wright Way Cleaning & Restoration we clean all types of Area Rugs ranging from Chinese or Indian to Persian. In the rug cleaning process, rugs are individually cleaned after determining the best method by taking into account the weave, fiber and dyes. Prior to starting the process of rug cleaning, the rugs are thoroughly vacuumed to remove existing dry soil. This process gets rid of dust and debris. Depending on the type of area rug it may be dry or wet cleaned. If the rug is dry cleaned we use a solvent based rug cleaning method. If it is wet cleaned we steam clean the rug at the proper temperature and suction. Finally the rugs are hung up to dry in a controlled environment. Rugs are individually inspected during the drying process to ensure that no bleeding or other problems occur. All work is guaranteed to produce the best possible result for your area rugs.

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Water Damage:  Living in the Pacific Northwest, this is our most common request.  During water damage mitigation, we dry out the area thoroughly and remove any damaged materials.

Mold:  Mold can be hazardous to your health – so Wright Way is here to help.  We are certified mold remediation specialists and can provide expert service when it comes to restoring your home to a clean, healthy and attractive living environment.

Fire:  A fire in your home can be one of the most emotionally harrowing experiences of a person’s life. Our fire services include not only removing smoke odors, but addressing any water damage caused by  firefighting efforts.

Wind:  When severe weather strikes you may find your home devastated by fallen trees or other debris.  Wright Way provides emergency services to address damages to your home, roof or other property.